Seminars and Speaking

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Cheri Johnson, Strategic Wealth Advisors LLC hold excellent seminars on various financial topics. Let us know if you'd like to be added to our invitation list.

Cheri Johnson is an accomplished public speaker and is available to speak on a variety of topics including:

UPCOMING: FREE - Social Security Seminars  - Wed Oct 18, 2017 Key Peninsula Libray - 11:00 AM

                                                                               Thurs Nov 2 , 2017 - Gig Harbor Library - 1:15 PM

                                                                               Wed Move 8 Gig Harbor Library - 2:00 PM

                                                                               Wed December 6 Gig Harbor Library - 2:00 PM

Please Join us for an Informative hour.  Please bring questions, and statements that you need help with.

Women and Investing - Own it!

Real Estate Investing - What Now?

The Economy and Investing - What's Ahead?

Tax Strategies and Investing


Cheri Johnson, Strategic Wealth Advisors LLC will, also, speak at no charge to your group, business or civic organiztion on the topics listed above or a topic relevant to your group.  Click the Link Below to Request  Cheri Johnson, Strategic Wealth Advisors LLC  to speak to your group.